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Stand out from the crowd.
Wear one of a kind eyewear.

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    Sneek peek

    A little taster of what you can expect.

    Your frustration

    We understand how you feel, we've also experienced the frustration of finding eyewear with individual style and flair.

    Just like you, co-founder Lucy was bored with the mainstream frames in the optician. "None of them reflected my individual style, lacked any real personality. On closer inspection the quality and attention to detail was missing".

    "As the the Quality manager at Rolls-Royce motor cars I can say they are very good quality sunglasses ! 😁"- Chris

    Why us?

    Co-founders Lucy & Jamie

    Having made eyewear for almost 10 years, we're truly optically obsessed. We've built a fully fledged production facility in Scotland. Buying eyewear from us you're in good hands.